Bridge Bookstore

Bolaiju’s name is a homonym for the word ‘bridge’, and apart from reflecting the bookshop’s expectation of wanting to act as a ‘bridge’, also reflects how it is able to gather together all kinds of positive people who enjoy life. Bolaiju insists on a ‘coffee, reading, living’ brand position, providing over 10,000 dual-language books, quality Lavazza coffee and many types of literary exchange activities. Bolaiju was started in January 2008, and currently has several hundred fixed members as well as numerous fans.Over the long term, Bridge regularly organizes a wide variety of member activities, as well as occasionally holding new book releases, a wide variety of lectures, outdoor activities and so on.

1-1-5 Crystal Place, Crystal Town, New North Zone (Ferrari Store upstairs) Tel: 023-6703-9316 / 1502-5423-775