Bee Bookshop

Beijing Bee Wisdom and Cultural Appreciation Media Limited is a professional culturally-focused company involved in book publishing. The Company’s founder has many years experience in the news publishing industry and is an excellent publisher. In accordance with the management principle of “gathering together civilization and spreading knowledge”, he uses his knowledgeable, kind and brave heart to carry forward upright opinions, the cultivation of talent, social welfare and the purification of people’s hearts.In September 2010, in the face of the decline of the traditional bookshop, Bee Publishing decided to determinedly fund the establishment of the Bee Bookshop (today the art bookshop in Beijing’s Songzhuang district), whilst simultaneously continuing its engagement in quality publishing. Moreover, in the same period from September to October 2010, Bee Publishing organized an international art book fair in Songzhuang. It hopes to participate even more in the cultural construction of the district around the company.

B106, Xiaobao Art District, Song Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing Tel: 13910239018