Sisyphe Chongqing

In 1993, in Zunyi city (Guizhou province), several bibliophiles keen on developing a “literary spirit ideal” cooperated to launch a 20 metre square bookshop- this was the origin of Xixifu Bookshop. Xixifu’s name comes from Greek mythology and the story of Sisyphus’ everlasting punishment, in which he is doomed everyday to pushing a large boulder to the top of a mountain again and again. The bookshop assumed the idea of Sisyphus’ free choice and the moral of forever pushing onwards and upwards.For the next 19 years Xixifu has continuously adhered to the principle of “participating in and forming part of the local spirit of life”, working to become an organisation whose focus and actions reflect a cultural ideal. The company’s service principle- “if your backpack is too heavy, we will look after it; if you are tired, sit down; if you can’t afford the book, transcribe from it; if you have an opinion, express it” is already widely known amongst numerous readers, and has been extensively commended.Since creating the bookshop, Xixifu’s large variety of high quality genuine books, professional in-store standards, comfortable and elegant reading environment, distinctive cultural style, top quality and meticulous service, and abundant range of beneficial literary events has helped it to become a professional facilitator for reading literature and reading experiences. It has received the appreciation, admiration and love of numerous readers, and is known for being a contemporary and privately run bookshop that also acts as a unique setting.At present, Xixifu Cultural Dissemination Limited has a chain of 17 bookshops and 10 espresso coffee shops in Guizhou, Chongqing and Chengdu. The Company’s staff number close to 500 people, and it is the co-operative partner to more than 500 book suppliers. In addition, it holds in excess of 12,000 square meters of bookshop space, close to 100,000 kinds of books spread across a rich variety of categories, and is an important retail space for all the big publishers in Guizhou, Chongqing and Chengdu.

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