Echo Bookshop

Echo Bookshop is located in the centre of Dalian city in Creative Industries Park (the closest commercial development to the sea), warehouse 15 building 2. It has 200 square metres of space divided into a bookshop and a coffee bar: raise your head and see the sea, lower it and see a book. Echo Bookshop has a rich variety of books, especially literature and the social sciences, and sells gramophone records and independently created products. Echo also periodically organises events including film projections, reading groups, chances to hear authors speak, musical performances, photograph and painting exhibitions etc. The “exchange a book bookshelf” promotes environmental protection and a spirit of sharing, and has received widespread support. Echo Bookshop’s mission is to provide a place for the public, allow people to get along well with books, encourage mutual communication, and make surviving life a possibility.

Floor 2, 15 Stock, Ferry Terminal, Gangwan Square, Zhongshan District Tel: 13604091736 / 0411-82622862