Dolphin Ade Bookshop

We came here because we liked Dali; we opened Dolphin Ade Bookshop because we like reading. Go to the middle section of Dali’s Renmin Lu (in the ancient part of the city) and find the two-storey small wooden building with a white iron door. If you look through the sky blue shutters, you will see us.Although the first floor is not very big, we have a lot of books. We have several big sections including literature, the humanities and social sciences, life, art and design, books imported from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Yunnan culture. We also have a lot of second-hand books, all personally selected by the shop owner. If you browse our bookshelves when the weather is good you will find sunlight streaming through the glass roof to dance off your body. On the second floor of the small wooden building, more than a thousand books and magazines brought by strangers from all over the world await you. Here, with only a cup of tea and a book, time seems to pass more slowly.You are on a journey, come to Dolphin Ade and sit for a while.

297 Renmin Road, Dali, Yunnan Tel: 18687176333 / 08728868942