Black Dragon Book Café

Dali Molong Book Café is a bookcafé special as a place for renting, exchanging and selling English language books. Guests are mostly international visitors with an urgent need for English books, foreign residents of Dali and Chinese readers who have moved here. Molong is currently striving to build a stock comparable to a small English language library; at present, the title catalogue includes books collected by the two shop owners (husband and wife) for more than ten years, and guests to the bookshop have frequently referred to it as the “best collection of English Books in Yunnan.” Tourists frequently come to the bookshop to exchange a wide variety of books. To encourage more people to love reading and buy more books, Molong even has policies like ‘get a free coffee with every book you buy’ and ‘exchange second hand books for free dishes on our menu’ and so on. The bookshop is already covered with beautiful Penguin products, including desk lamps, mugs, shopping bags and the numerous imported classic Penguin titles on our bookshelves.

42 Centeral Square, Yangren Road, Dali, Yunnan Tel: 0872-2670535 / 13330556685