Beijing International Book Fair

Posted on 20/08/2013





Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) was first held in 1986 by China National Publications Import and Export Corporation, and to the present has already been organised successfully 19 times.  It is also an important conference and exhibitions project in China’s 11th and 12th Five Year Plans of economic development.  Recent years have seen on average over 500 domestic Chinese institutions along with organisations from over 50 countries and regions (including England, France, Germany, America, Korea and Japan etc.) taking part in BIBF.  In total, each year, over 2000 organisations from home and abroad have participated, with visitors numbering over 200, 000.

As in previous years, this year Penguin will be participating in BIBF; for more detailed information, please see our official website and our Sina Weibo (@企鹅图书).

Date: 8/28/2013